I received my PhD in International Relations from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2016, and I have a Master's in International Relations from Dublin City University, Ireland and my undergraduate degree in in Fine Art from the National College of Art & Design in Dublin.

I've been working in data science since 2014, and among the positions I've held, I've been a director of a data science team, a data science team manager, a principal data scientist and a senior data scientist.

I'm also an open-source developer and I've produced a number of software packages for the statistical programming language R. I'm particularly interested in data visualization and producing something meaningful from data. My other interests include the philosophy of economics, Bayesian modelling and political science.

I blog (infrequently) about stuff I've learned in R, Python or so on. I like to share it because I learned this way -- from people taking time to post tutorials, snippets of code or to write blog posts.

Apart from data science, I like to code in JavaScript, particularly React.js. I made this website using Gatsby.js, MDX, React and Styled Components. The code can be seen on the GitHub repo for the site. The design is my own, although inspired by Beautiful Web Type and Tania Rascia's website. For the fonts, I used the lovely Aleo font by Alessio Laiso, with Space Grotesk by Florian Karsten for titles, and Inconsolata for code.