Work Experience

Senior Data Scientist, First Data Corporation

08/2018 — Present

Modelling of fraud in high-volume real-time settings; machine learning, deployment of ML models; automation of client reports with R, Rmarkdown, Python & SQL; tech lead & scrum master roles.

Lead Data Scientist, Avanade, São Paulo

08/2017 — 07/2018

Tasked with bringing data science into Avanade Brazil, working on various problems for different clients. This work included fraud modelling using deep learning & h2o, sentiment analysis, audio analysis, BI, data visualization and data tidying. I gave a course on tidy data and several tutorials on the R language to staff across the company.

Director of Data Science, Ministry of Finance, São Paulo City Council

03/2017 — 07/2017

Headed a team responsible for making accurate forecasts of data on public spending. A big part of my job was also modernizing the way the department does analysis. To do that, I gave an in-house R course and built a Shiny application for the department (part of an internal R package that I wrote), along with the production of semi-automated reports.

Course Tutor, Brazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis (IBPAD)

08/2016 — 06/2018

Responsible for designing and giving courses on Data Science with R and Data Visualization with ggplot2, and producing blog posts on data science topics for the company. My classes formed the basis for a book published by IBPAD in 2018.

Freelance Data Scientist

01/2014 — 01/2017

I've helped people with projects ranging from their academic work to scraping information from social media sites, text analysis to statistics, in areas ranging from finance to communication and to legislative studies.

Master's Degree Materials Writer and Data Scientist, Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), São Paulo

08/2016 — 03/2017

Responsible for writing case studies for FGV, which are used as teaching materials in their post-graduate courses. Also some data science work (web-scraping, organizing & cleaning data and statistical analyses) for some researchers involved with the Centre for International Relations.

Academic Background

PhD International Relations, University of São Paulo


Thesis: Explaining the Determinants of Foreign Policy Voting Behaviour in the Brazilian Houses of Legislature, with a Focus on the Senate. Available here. My work focused on Bayesian Item Response Modelling of legislative voting patterns.

Master's International Relations, Dublin City University (First Class Honour)


Thesis: Brazil’s Foreign Policy- Domestic Interests, Presidentialism or the Autonomy of Itamaraty?

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, National College of Art & Design, Dublin (Honours)


Programming Skills

  • Advanced R user
  • Very good knowledge of Python (Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Pandas)
  • JavaScript: Very good knowledge of React & D3
  • Experienced user of Stan & JAGS
  • Beginner with Scala, Spark and the tools of the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • R packages:

    I've authored or collaborated on various R packages, some of which have had over 20K downloads (tidyRSS) and others which are just for fun.